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Fire Ant Treatment

Fire Ant Treatment Birmingham AL

Crenshaw's Lawn and Shrub Care offers professional and affordable Fire Ant Treatment in Birmingham AL. Call now at (205) 856-9136 for a Free Estimate.

Fire ants commonly infest lawns, school yards, athletic fields, golf courses and parks, where they pose a medical threat to people and animals. Their mounds also detract from the appearance of the landscape and can damage lawn care equipment.

Fire ants are aggressive and will defensively attack anything that disturbs them. Fire ants can sting repeatedly. Symptoms of a fire ant sting include burning, itching and a white pustule that forms a day or two afterward. Often people note a circular pattern of pustules, which may be caused by one ant stinging several times. Although the stings are not usually life threatening, they are easily infected if the skin is broken, and may leave permanent scars.

If the only symptoms are pain and the development of pustules, stings can be treated with over-the-counter products that relieve insect bites and stings.

If a sting causes severe chest pain, nausea, severe sweating, loss of breath, serious swelling or slurred speech, the person should be taken to an emergency medical facility immediately. These are symptoms of an allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock. Some people may lapse into a coma from just one sting. Compared to deaths from bee and wasp stings, relatively few deaths from fire ant stings have been documented.

Crenshaw's Lawn and Shrub Care offers a "Two-Step Method" Treatment program. The two-steps involve: 1)broadcasting a professional formulated product, 2) treating nuisance mounds with a faster acting individual mound treatment or with a mound re-treatment of the bait:

  • Program 1. Once or twice per year, our trained technician will broadcast a professional formulated insecticide product that is designed to work within hours of applying application. Broadcast applications of fire ant baits will suppress ants about 90% when properly applied.
  • Program 2. Our trained technicians will treat undesirable fire ant mounds using an individual mound treatment. Products are applied as dusts, granules, granules drenched with water after application, liquid drenches, baits, or aerosol injections.

Crenshaw's Lawn and Shrub Care is fully licensed, bonded and insured with an exceptional customer service rating. Our mission is to be the best, not the biggest. Our focus is on quality, not quantity. Our goal is to deliver a thick, green, weed-free lawn that is sure to be the envy of your neighbors.

Our main objective is your complete customer satisfaction. This is our guarantee! We look forward to providing you with the excellent customer service we strive on.

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Click for the BBB Business Review of this Lawn Maintenance in Birmingham AL

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